Weekend Box Office: May 25, 2018

Who has trailers and two thumbs? Me!

Feral is a horror film about a contagious disease overtaking the population.

Mary Shelley is a romance inspired “by the relationship that lead Mary Shelley” to write Frankenstein. It’s always gotta be about a man, right?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the latest in the Disney-Star Wars franchise, starring Alden Erenreich, who was charming in Hail Caesar! but does not have the charisma to star as Han Solo. Donald Glover, however, does have the charm to play Lando Calrissian, so. The film also stars Woody Harrelson (weird).

Who We Are Now stars Julianne Nicholson, Jimmy Smits, Jason Biggs, and Zachary Quinto. A woman mounts a legal defense to get custody of her son after she is released from jail after a decade.

Tomorrow HBO airs The Tale, starring Laura Dern as a woman seeking answers to long-repressed memories about an inappropriate relationship. The film is written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Fox, and the film is based on her memoir.

Amazon Prime releases season one of Picnic at Hanging Rock, starring Natalie Dormer:

Netflix releases season two of The Toys That Made Us. So far the series has chose toys that made my sister, though season two does include LEGO. (I was made by LEGO, Playmobil, Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch dolls.)

And also Ibiza, starring Gillian Jacobs as a woman who “lets loose on a work trip.” The film is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay:

Sunday Netflix drops The Break with Michelle Wolf and THE SCHOLARS ARE HERE FOR IT:

And on the 30th Netflix releases a new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

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