What to Watch: 05/22/2018

May’s showers continue to wash away the 2017-18’s season’s programs, while one of America’s greatest (and driest) comics releases her latest Netflix special.

The Flash [The CW, 8p]
The battle against DeVoe reaches a fever pitch as out heroes get help from a surprise friend. The season may be ending but DC’s reign at the CW shows no sign of ending.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Just because Rise is done doesn’t mean the singing has to stop! The Voice is one of those shows that I only watch the beginning of and then just tune back in at the end. After the blind auditions I tend to lose interest. Tonight is the live finale and anything could happen. The only thing that definitely can’t happen is Kelly winning this one. Better luck next year.

Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here [Netflix]
Tig Notaro’s big break came in her 40s at a time when she felt totally broken (possibly dying) and went on stage and leaned into her misery to deliver one of the greatest performances of her life. However, even in spite of some setbacks since (the premature cancellation of her well-reviewed scripted series, One Mississippi, and the absolute betrayal by a famous friend and former benefactor), Happy To Be Here celebrates the joyful side of her life, from her recent marriage to parenthood.

Web of Lies [ID, 9p]
Tonight’s episode, titled “Swipe Right for Murder,” follows a woman who disappears after meeting with a man she met online. And now none of us are doing online dating ever again.



  • The network which told us as kids (well, some of us, depending on when we came out of that womb) that reading was a rainbow returns to inform us of 100 books which are essential, and without which having read, we are worthless as individuals. The Great American Read debuts tonight on PBS.
  • Jena Fischer and Oliver Hudson’s adequate couples-staying-together-for-the-kids(-and-maaaaybe-for-love) series Splitting Up Together earned a second season on ABC, but first things first, on its debut season’s finale, Lena and Martin decide to share the house even when the kids are away.
  • Meanwhile, there’s one show on ABC going away forever tonight, but that’s OK as it’s had nine strong seasons and is leaving (mostly) by choice. We close the book on those Indiana Hecks tonight on The Middle, and even though we could predict every maudlin-yet-triumphant note of the hyper-linked promo, as its title says it has been “One Heck of a Ride.”
  • Spies and confessions rule the day on ABC’s other first season finale, this one for the drama For the People.
  • The synopsis for the most recent Legion reads simply “the path forward is revealed,” but considering the show we’re talking about it will never be so simple. And so it goes. On FX.

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