What to Watch: 05/21/2018

Doomed ships meet their fate (maybe), an Australian trainwreck introduces herself as she crashes into her friends’ lives, and we learn more about our stories, our selves. It’s all in a Monday night of viewing.

The Terror [AMC, 9p]
Tonight’s finale is titled “We Are Done.” The men on the arctic ships must realize this is it for them.

Sando [Acorn]
An Aussie import, this half hour comedy features the misadventures of 40-something furniture maven Victoria “Sando” Sandringham. The humor is broad, think a Down Under Miranda, but as with that show, it has the promise for genuine laughs generated by its talented star, Sacha Horler.

James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction [AMC, 10:15p]
What happens when the world goes to hell? Sci-fi filmmakers have been asking that question for years. James Cameron sits down with legendary directors to discuss post apocalyptic movies. Come for the destruction. Stay for the discussion.



  • Henry Louis Gates returns to TLC’s rare show-that-kinda-sorta-teaches to tell celebrities the sins and tragedies (and occasional glories) of their ancestors. Season 10’s opener of Who Do You Think You Are? tells the tales of Hiding Out‘s Jon Cryer’s ancestors.
  • Watson examines her life, examines her choices, and assuredly helps solve a case on CBS’ Elementary, the rare major show that is not headed for the Summer hills.
  • In a cool pair-up, Ravi and Clive are thrown together to solve a case, as Seattle’s zombie “problem” threatens to boil over before next week’s finale of iZombieThis week’s punny title is “You’ve Got To Hide Your Liv Away.”
  • It’s John Oliver’s “How Is This Still a Thing” in real time as the 2018 Miss USA pageant is, indeed, still a thing, and one that airs tonight.

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