What to Watch: 05/17/2018

May sweeps in like a line-up of your favorite shows saying goodbye for the Summer (ok, apologies for an awkward phrase in service of lazy and not-that-great wordplay). This year, the month has gone right to ludicrous speed as a royal person across the Atlantic is taking a spouse this Saturday and the world is watching. So, here’s what we got for you tonight.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
Season finale time! Last week I was pleasantly surprised when April was not killed off and instead has found love with her ex-fiancé, Matthew! Tonight is Jo and Alex’s wedding (which naturally was entirely planned by April so good thing she didn’t die). Looks like things are going to be a little dramatic (as expected) and Jo and Alex are going to get stuck in a shed? It think they probably snuck off together for some alone time before the wedding. Whoops! Season finale time also means it’s time to say goodbye to Arizona and April which makes me sad, but at least I’ve had plenty of warning.

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
We learned this week that Gotham will be back for a fifth and final season, so we don’t have to worry that the show will end on a cliffhanger. What we do have to worry about is Jeremiah and the new violence he promises to bring. Bruce, Gordon is going to need the Dark Knight.

Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen [BBC America, 8p]
BBC America looks at what it took, or what allowed, Kate Middleton to become Britain’s next queen. This hour-long special will likely lack the drunken rambling you’d get from me at the bar about her princess lessons, which is just as well, since her wedding airs next at 9 p.m.



  • The adventures of Sam and Dean wrap up for a 13th time on the CW’s Supernatural, and a misunderstanding promises they will flare up for a 14th time, sometime around late September.
  • The vastly underrated series of vignettes around the extended Short family ties its four corners together for its third season tonight on CBS as a birthday party goes awry, a surrogate expresses doubt, Spanish is learned, and, of course, secrets are shared. That’s just how they roll on Life in Pieces.
  • Over in TV Land, the Nobodies‘ pilot for “Open Dorf Policy” (that’s really the name, but is it any more preposterous than Selfie) hits snags, while also finding a possible celebrity hook-up for its theme.

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