What to Watch: 05/16/2018

We’re in the heat of finale week, and while there’s a host of shows (mostly sci-fi) in the middle part of their season, most programs are wrapping up their season (and in a few cases their series). In fact 66.7% of our Screen Scholars recommendations are parting shots–the other 33.3 percent is comprised of a visit from the Ghost of Royal Weddings Past as BBC America re-airs the 1982 nuptials of Charles and Diana, perhaps in hopes that Henry and Meghan meet a better fate.


Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
On the season finale will we figure out who the Black Hood is? Will Archie’s dad get shot a third time? Will the Southside Serpents team up with the Sons of Anarchy? Will Cheryl go full Katniss? Oh who knows…

Modern Family [ABC, 9p]
Not one to usually tout this long-running and now-quite-tired sitcom, but they do often put together one grand door-slamming farce, and tonight’s season 9 finale has a costumed Mitchell and Phil off to a Con celebrating “Clash of Swords” (not to be confused with…).

Royal Wedding: Charles and Diana [BBC America, 8p]
This half-hour story looks at the 1981 wedding of Charles and Diana, focusing on the spectacle and alleged fairytale romance that spurred 1 million people to watch the televised ceremony.

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