What to Watch: 05/14/2018

Fox has been on a rampage as seemingly daily we’re pushing a show the network has already given the axe. And so it is today for the critically-reviled-before-eventually-critically-acclaimed dark crime episodic Lucifer, which airs its third season finale, and barring some Brooklyn99-esque Lazarus-ing on another network, its series finale. Otherwise, it’s a normal Monday with our other rec’s going off the scripted reservoir (leading to an interesting set of pics, let us tell ya).

Lucifer [Fox, 8p]
Lucifer and Chloe investigate Charlotte’s death and Lucifer has an epiphany. Warning fans. What was meant to be a season finale will instead be a series finale that will end on a cliffhanger. Way to go Fox.

Drain the Great Lakes [NatGeo, 8p]
This hour-long special uses CGI to show what America’s Great Lakes look like beneath the surface. Spoiler: lots of sunken ships!!

NBA Playoffs [TNT, 8p]
The NBA has become so berserk that for both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, the lower seeds are considered the overwhelming favorites over the teams with the better records and home field advantage. However, in Game 1 in the East, the Boston Celtics upended that notion by blowing out the Cleveland LeBrons in TD Garden, so let’s see if tonight the Houston Rockets led by league MVP and human beard delivery system James Harden can pull a similar number on the Golden State Warriors. Also, check the hyperlink above: the NBA has been on TNT a long-ass time!



  • Hope can be devastating, especially on a show for which we already know the ending will be tragic. But tonight’s episode of one of 2018’s most critically beloved new shows, AMC’s The Terror, hope is what comes knocking for the ships’ crews.
  • Retired Cubs hero and former contestant David Ross, one of the few good things to come out of 2016, guests on tonight’s episode of this athlete-themed season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Hey Chicago, whaddaya say?
  • iZombie has been struggling this season like the Cubs since their 2016 breakthrough, but tonight on the CW’s quirky undead show from Rob Thomas, Liv eats germaphobe brain while Seattle continues to “flu” out, so could be good {shrug}.
  • Earlier on the CW, Ruby is in trouble so the titular Supergirl and the not-titular Alex team up to protect.

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