What to Watch: 05/10/2018

Our rec’s tonight include a couple of enduring Thursday night obsessions–one from Shonda, one from Marvel–alongside an exciting new thriller on Netflix starring Michael C. Hall, plus the season finale of a Screen Scholar favorite.

Safe [Netflix]
If you have a teenage daughter and find yourself surrounded by the trappings of a brooding mystery, especially if you possess dark secrets, you might as well save time and put up the missing flyers now. I offer this free advice for Michael C. Hall’s father character on Safe, a new thriller penned by genre master Harlan Coben (see Tell No One) available today on Netflix.

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
Gotham falls into anarchy and Bullock takes control of GVPD. And what’s up with Bruce’s mental state? Find out tonight.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
We’ve got just a couple of episodes left in this season and our final moments are drawing closer with both April and Arizona. While I’ve known since the beginning of the season that it would be the final one for both of these characters, it has been a sort of brechtian experiment waiting to see how they would leave. The trailers for this one really make it seem like April is going to die, but who knows, Shonda has plenty of tricks up her sleeves.



  • Earn, Alfred, and Darius keep chasing their dreams, but the past keeps trying to fade them on the season finale of FX’s Atlanta. And if you haven’t seen Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” yet, click on the title.
  • Catastrophe‘s breakout star Sharon Hogan returns to streaming with a different view of parenting on Motherland, a BBC comedy available on Sundance Now.
  • Ryn is turning human, always a problem for fictional mermaids (and mermen), on Freeform’s Siren.

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