What to Watch: 05/09/2018

It’s a week of Very Special Episodes[TM] as this week, our favorite American Housewife meets one of her favorite actors, Captain Hammer himself, cult hero Nathan Fillion. We also recommend the continuing murderous misadventures of Archie & Jughead and Samantha Bee in her neverending quest against President Orange Julius and his forces of evil.

American Housewife [ABC, 9:30p]
We are, somehow, still on the Spring Gala–so Katie and the kids head into the Big City to find Nathan Filion and convince him to come. Fingers crossed for a good Waitress reference.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Betty comes face to face with the Black Hood and the North and Southside collide as Riverdale heads towards its season finale. It’s some of the most reliably fun trash in network TV.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee [TBS, 10:30p]
Perhaps it was fatigue or maybe outrage overload, but our political deep-divin’ heroes John Oliver and Samantha Bee were losing some of their bite at the end of last year. However, some time off has done both some good and Bee especially has been fighting the righteous fight with passion, culminating in her brilliant Puerto Rico episode. She returns to the fray tonight.



  • The Americans works best when Elizabeth and Philip are in concord, and tonight’s episode on FX promises a perilous mission for the pair.
  • Resistance is also the mood of the day on Syfy’s Krypton, home of Jor-el and his grandfather Sig-el. We think the latter may be…
  • “Always end on a trainwreck” was our grandmother’s dying advice, so Botched it is, back for another season on E!

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