What to Watch: 05/08/2018

So, the big news today is that the Arrested Development 4th season remix was just a prelude to the fifth season, which hops onto Netflix (you’re gonna get some hop-ons) May 29th. We think we just…nah! If you’re looking for shows tonight, we recommend a new hour-long special from one of the smartest working stand-ups, and new episodes of a Brooklyn-based comedy and the newest musical drama.


Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Parents [Netflix]
Queens-born standup Hari Kondabolu has been expertly straddling the line between unabashedly political and downright funny for over a decade now. Fresh off the excellent documentary The Trouble With Apu, where he–with a remarkable even hand–explored the problematic nature with one of The Simpsons’ most beloved characters (as much as Apu is one of the show’s most rounded characters, there’s no getting around the fact he’s an awful stereotype), he comes back with his first full-length comedy special.

Genius: Picasso [NatGeo, 10p]
The story behind the man who was one of the most influential contemporary artists of the 20th Century is out now and Antonio Banderas shines in the title role of Pablo Picasso. Now We can finally find out what triggered Picasso’s blue period, or who the women were in many of his early works. What was it like to be an artist during the on set of WWII? How many wives did he really have? I’m a sucker for a great back story and the Genius series has done a phenom job so far at telling them.

Rise [NBC, 9p]
It’s almost opening night and they need to make big changes to the show to get PTA approval. Looks like someone finally read Spring Awakening and realized it was ridiculously inappropriate for school. Tonight Robbie faces the reality of his mother’s terminal illness and leans on Lilette for support. Also I think Lilette’s mom is still gone? They had a big fight and she drove off, leaving her teenage daughter alone. Not cool.

The Last O.G. [TBS, 10:30p]
Tray tries to teach his son how to be a man, with what is surely outdated information and values, given that it’s 2018.



  • The Indiana Hecks saga is set to end this month after an underrated nine seasons, and in tonight’s antepenultimate episode of The Middle on ABC, Sue and Brick team up to win trivia night at the local pub where they can win their mom a trip to London (our local pub just gave us a 15-dollar gift certificate … to be used at their club).
  • Todd Chrisley (that real-life Tobias Funke but with a Southern accent) returns with his family for a sixth season of Chrisley Knows Best on USA. But does he tho?
  • The not-overly-forthcoming synopsis for tonight’s episode of FX’s Legion reads “Madness Visits Division Three.” We’re hoping they mean the popular 1980s UK ska band.
  • Look, we don’t want to talk about what’s going on between Dre and Bow, but there’s a new, very special episode (just listen to the background music of the promo) of Blackish tonight on ABC.

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