What to Watch: 05/06/2018

It’s the Sunday to begin May Sweeps, so, yeah, there’s some stuff on the teevee. Starz unveils two exciting new series. HBO has one of its best Sunday line-ups going at the ready. There’s a bunch of Fox comedies bowing out for the season (and maybe, hopefully not, forever). Meanwhile, AMC gives us all the more reason for being wary of those dead who continue to walk. Let’s get at it.

Sweetbitter [Starz, 8p]
Based on Stephanie Danler’s bestselling novel, the 2006-set series follows Tess after she jumps feet-first into the restaurant industry and New York City. Danler executive produces and writes for the series.

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
The androids continue their takeover of the park, but freedom and consciousness comes with a price … The rebellion and the search for what it means to be alive.

Barry [HBO, 10:30p]
Last week’s smash-cut-to-silence floored me, and I’ve been on tenterhooks ever since, overeager for this week’s episode. To spoiler alert the obvious, Barry survives to this week act in Gene Cousineau’s wacky MacBeth as the Bolivian and the Chechen camps brace for history’s most passive-aggressive drug war.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8:30p]
Tonight is a little break from wedding-centric episodes. Rosa responds to an active shooter alert while Gina and Amy fix Rosa’s broken toilet; Meanwhile, Terry has an existential crisis. Also, naturally, Jake and Charles are up to their own antics.



  • Mexican-American sisters navigate a gentrifying East L.A. in Vida, a loose adaptation of a Richard Villegas, Jr., short story on Starz.
  • In our non-picked, but still Screen Scholar-beloved, show from HBO’s line-up, just as things are starting to come up Pied Piper, Richard gets bad news in his quest for Series B funding, because that’s how Silicon Valley rolls.
  • Showtime’s somber stand-up series I’m Dying Up Here makes its return for a second season, after its hit-or-miss inaugural one. The season opener promises laughs and sobs from both the local clubs and on the road.
  • As its fourth season ends, with the hopes for a fifth one still up in the airFox’s The Last Man on Earth finds the survivors considering abandoning their familiar surroundings, although Tandy has his doubts about the exit.
  • Ok, maybe The Simpsons does have some original plot ideas left as this week Homer gets Flanders a job at the nuclear plant.
  • The timeline of Fear the Walking Dead gets all the more confused as Al finds out secrets from our main group of traveler’s past.
  • Birth is celebrated, and happening all around, as the Call the Midwife staff bows out for a seventh season/series on PBS by recognizing Sister Monica Joan’s birthday while a local maternity home closes up shop, bringing yet more new lives into our regulars’ orbit.

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