What to Watch: 05/01/2018

We’ll get to our daily recommendations, but first we have to make sure Winston is ok–then we have to check on ourselves. We’ll all get through this together. So, yes, New Girl and its memorial service is a pick as we go all over the genre map from stand-up to whacked out sci-fi to inspirational musical.

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City [Netflix]
Fresh off hosting one of the strongest SNLs in recent memory, rising comic voice John Mulaney drops off his latest stand-up special with Netflix. If you know Mulaney, try not to read it in his voice–with … his KIND of emphasis. Betcha can’t.

New Girl [Fox, 9:30p]
Hijinks abound when the gang goes to a memorial service … unfortunately, that memorial service is for Ferguson. [Ed.s Note: Nooooooooooo!]

Legion [FX, 10p]
Syd and David may be reunited but the troubles are just beginning. The Shadow King is still a threat–and so is David’s shattered psyche.

Rise [NBC, 9p]
Looks like someone finally figured out how to get the rest of the high school excited about Spring Awakening. This week, someone posted a racy promo video for the surprisingly bawdy play and everyone is in trouble. They might even shut down the play! On the plus side, maybe they will finally sell some tickets?



  • The polarizing dramatization of the great hip-hop 1990s mystery of who killed Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur, Unsolved, wraps up its 10-episode run, which leads us to the next mystery: will the USA Network’s potential anthology get a chance to tell a second story?
  • The sword of Cancel Bear (we love TV By The Numbers) hovers over us all, and so it is no different for Splitting Up Together, the marginally promising show featuring the engaging Jenna Fischer, the surprisingly understated Bobby Lee, and Oliver Hudson. As of now, both of these shows are given a good shot to return.
  • Tracy Morgan’s new series shoulders no such worries as The Last O.G. has already been granted a second season on TBS. It’s a night of comic funerals, as Tray attends the tribute to Shay’s late mother, and while the latter is none too happy, she might be thankful when her relatives bring the shade.
  • Let’s end on dessert, as Welcome to Sweetie Pie‘s returns for a ninth{?!} season on OWN tonight, a fact which makes us … hungry.


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