What to Watch: 04/30/2018

Tonight we screen scholarin’ Screen Scholars celebrate movie magic–and for a 26th season we try to answer the question: Celebrities: How Do They Dance? Do They Dance Well? Let’s Find Out!

Independent Lens: True Conviction [CBS, 10p]
Tonight’s Independent Lens, True Conviction, follows three convicts as they form their own detective agency to help free innocently convicted prisoners. It’s like Mystery Team but way better (and I liked Mystery Team).

James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction [AMC, 10p]
James Cameron takes us through the world of science fiction with interviews from some of the genre’s leading figures … including George Lucas and Ridley Scott. The first of the episodes airs tonight!

Dancing with the Stars: Athletes [ABC, 8p]
Ok, this is not a show I thought I would ever tout, as it comes back for its, yikes. 26th season with a field that is all athletes. My dad and I have long contended that sports figures have an edge at this show (well, unless they are going against Nicole Scherzinger–whose intensely choreographed ’00s band made dancing essentially her job, fercrissake). Wow, do I have strong feelings about a show that I’ve watched for at most a couple hours. Plus, this season has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of my favorite living male humans who is not my dad.



  • As we start the sixth season of Elementary on CBS, addiction is at the center of Holmes’ world–again–exacerbated by an ill medical diagnosis.
  • Gary and Quinn add all the awkwardness of a first date to their continuing quest to save the universe on the ninth chapter of TBS’ Final Space. Good luck, Earth.
  • The CW has hit a bit of a critical skid with Liv eating player brain, followed by chivalrous knight brain, so can having her gobble up the tortilla’d minds of a white rapper and spitting his (or her?) rhymes be any worse. Probably, but we still love you, iZombie.
  • We always remember the first rule of Heist Club: Always return to the scene of the crime. We were not very good at heists. Good Girls decide to follow this bad advice and find out what could go wrong. Spoiler alert: stuff will go wrong. On NBC.
  • Have you ever wondered what comedian George Lopez thought about widely held beliefs and old wives’ tales? Well, it’s happening. It’s titled Very Superstitious with George Lopez and it’s pretty much all that’s airing (in half-hour chunks) on A&E all night. We couldn’t find a YouTube promo, but during the search found this cool clip of an impossibly young Lopez on a yore A&E airing of Night at the Improv.
  • Is it a rule of the Unusual Cakes genre that they must have a Game of Thrones theme? Well, Dallas Cakes, on Food Network, knocks that out in the first episode.
  • Finally, if you haven’t watched yet, watch Michelle Wolf speak her truth to power. We may be one tiny corner of the press that opines on our TV passions, but we find it very disturbing that the WHPA would throw her under the bus for making jokes that were no more shocking than prior comic hosts at an annual event that is essentially a roast. It’s not coincidental that it would be an administration led by a President who fashions himself the world’s greatest insult comic would not be able to take a joke.

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