What to Watch: 04/29/2018

WestworldTrapped in our own modern dystopia, we turn to TV, more specifically to familiar Sunday shows to soothe our moods. Meanwhile, a voice in the wind rails against the hypocrisy. Resisting just at the surface, the Screen Scholars editors have some thoughts of small screen visions to get you through the night.

United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell [CNN, 10:15p]
One of our greatest (and tallest) satirists returns for a second season of his second show to take on our so-called President’s greatest (but maybe not tallest) folly, the Border Wall.

The Last Man on Earth [Fox, 9:30p]
The gang finds out whatever that blob on Mike’s scanner is. I hope it’s not a pile of elephant poop.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8:30p]
Jake and Amy are getting ready for their wedding and tonight it is bachelor/bachelorette party time! As someone who recently threw a bachelorette party, I feel like I have a newly vested interest in how this all pans out. Charles is planning something elaborate and complicated, so what could possibly go wrong?

Fear the Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
We may finally see Morgan and Madison meet. Also, what’s up with the Vultures? The group suits up, fights back and gets revenge. And Morgan may just try to teach certain members how to get inner peace.



  • HBO’s current signature-est of shows, Westworld, is back and wasting no time flying into mindbending new territory two weeks into Season Two. This week’s episode is titled “Reunion” and enigmatically promises: “a look back at the beginning.”
  • For some lighter dystopian nerding on HBO, follow that up with an episode of Silicon Valley where, in a stunning reversal, it’s Richard who has to bail Laurie out of an awkward sitch.
  • Then closing out the HBO power night, Barry tries to lone wolf, but of course it’s to no avail. And, as we all want, more Gene!
  • As the chaos swirls reality to realms beyond satire, it’s hard to not feel like this is not the right time (or exactly the right time) for the return of Showtime’s political docu-series The Circus. This week focuses on Secy of State (gulp!) Mike Pompeo. Really, what’s the point, anymore?!
  • Speaking of which, lost in the middle of all the mishegoss surrounding Michelle Wolf’s roast of the press and President, she had a pretty solid zing on CNN that was also a backhanded compliment of culinary traveler Anthony Bourdain, which is as good a segue as any into the fact that Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown returns tonight on CNN.
  • Proving there are often second acts in Hollywood, NBC’s Timeless continues to roll, as this week our time-torn trio whams, bams, and thank you ma’ams to 1919 where they have to solve the mystery of the murder of an NYC suffragette.

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