What to Watch: 04/26/2018

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock, while Paper Boi may or may not crash an Atlanta pajama party. In the fictional Midwest, Amy and Jonah have to answer for their recent were-they-or-weren’t-they (they-were) indiscretions on the same NBC night that Jack’s Toledo pranks go paternal, while up in the made up Pac NW, Harper Avery’s memory is in trouble with Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

2018 NFL Draft [Fox, 8p]
It’s a minor paradox that the teams whose fans are most looking forward to this night in the NFL season, are the same ones who are routinely let down by the actions of that night. I guess what I’m saying is, Buffalo Bills, please don’t take Josh Allen. It’s in Dallas, which is fortunate since the Cowboys never seem to get much coverage.

Atlanta [FX, 10p]
Paper Boi had some huge epiphanies last week in regards to his fame and career so I’m dying to see how this will play out now. Looking forward to a little levity and the gang getting back together tonight in the form of a pajama party. What could go wrong there?

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
The legacy of Harper Avery is unearthed as buried secrets emerge which call into question the entire foundation. Catherine is going to try to blame Jackson, but it is entirely her fault for not telling about this weeks ago–also, probably for trying to cover up Harper Avery’s mistakes in the first place.



  • The employees of Cloud 9 have been anything but heavenly to each other (often in ways that have felt way off for their Superstore characters). Tonight on NBC, a bunch of frozen chickens come home to roost, especially for Jonah and Amy.
  • Also on NBC, at least for now, Jack tries to convince his rival he has a son, and so far A.P. Bio has thrived when it flirts on the edge of its title character’s extreme misdeeds.
  • If you need to feel better about humanity, especially now that Superstore has injected a hint of meanness into its characters’ conflicts, CBS’s most amiable sitcom Life in Pieces pieces together some of the earlier life of the Shorts in its usual four vignettes.
  • We love the name of HGTV’s new series Rustic Rehab so much, we’re not going to profane that affection by looking up more about it.
  • Also, Quantico, Season 3, ABC.

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