What to Watch: 04/25/2018

Since we’re leading with the darkest of dark stories currently airing (makes Westworld look like Singin’ in the Rain), we do highly recommend alternating Navani’s pick with Katherine’s pick, as after a dystopian vision, it might be wise to be reminded there is natural wonder in the world.

The Handmaid’s Tale [Hulu]
In season one, this adaption of Margaret Atwood’s vision was a far-fetched dystopian tale. Against odds, season two promises to be even more bleak and I’m not sure if that’s because of the material or our society becoming too familiar to this cautionary tale (#metoo, abortion laws challenged, policing women’s bodies). Either way, I’m committed to seeing where the tale of the rebel Offred takes us now that the plot is completely removed from the novel from which it was born. Will she make it out and be reunited with her loved ones? Is there even an out? We’ll find out alongside an even more star-studded cast including Marisa Tomei, Cherry Jones and John Carroll Lynch when the new season premieres tonight.

Nova Wonders [PBS, 8p]
This new NOVA series premieres with an hour examining animal communication–specifically between humans: looking at a dog that understands hundreds of words (yes, yes, your Spot does too, sure) and gorilla Kanzi.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
The Black hood is back! The race is on in the town of Riverdale to find him before he claims more victims. Meanwhile the Lodges continue their mysterious plan to take over the town.



  • Hank Azaria’s less offensive character is a minor league baseball announcer, and that’s just where we’re at. Brockmire returns for a second season starting tonight on IFC.
  • Archer ‘s ninth season, debuting tonight, finds our “hero” a seaplane pilot on “Danger Island,” which begs the question, have they ever had Archer literally jump a shark, because it just sort of seems like a thing the X-iest FXX show would do.
  • CBS’ medical drama Code Black boasts Luis Guzman and a quiet cruise into a third season. They’re opening said Season 3 by taking the doctors out of their Los Angeles E.R. to save a young woman caught in a crossfire.
  • If you can handle it, Samantha Bee takes a deep dive into the sordid world of likely incoming Sec of State Mike Pompeo on her currently-on-fire TBS show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  • With the summit, and with it the season’s sure climax, looming on the horizon, Elizabeth and Philip get the whole married couple team together for one (last?) intel-finding mission on FX’s The Americans.
  • And that’s all from us, but hope you’re all enjoying your April 25th Perfect Date…

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