What to Watch: 04/24/2018

Inspiring stories of a brilliant painter, an aspiring chorus, and a Tracy Morgan showing off his acting chops lead our choices for a perfectly ordinary Tuesday.

Genius [Nat Geo, 9p]
This season of National Geographic‘ scripted series focuses on the groundbreaking as eccentric art icon Pablo Picasso (Antonio Banderas). There is a wealth of material to draw from from his varied life so it should be quite the journey.

Rise [NBC, 9p]
It’s tech week at Stanton which is when everything happens ever. Simon is going to continue to ignore his gay feelings! Gwen is going to continue her downward spiral and blame it entirely on her parent’s divorce! Everyone is going to be stressed and think they will never get the show together because that’s what tech week is always! Can’t wait.

The Last O.G. [TBS, 10:30p]
Tracy Morgan’s just-released ex-con tries Tinder, which could lead the fledgling comedy to new heights or disastrous cliches. While my mind kinda knows it’s more likely the latter, i do have two ears and a heart that is always willing to give Morgan massive doubt benefits.



  • Schmidt recruits Jess to get his kid ready for pre-school screenings on Fox’s New Girl, and the image above shows sock puppets, so, you know, you want to go to there!
  • As the fifth season of The CW’s The 100 opens, Clarke is stranded on a planet, while his colleagues flirt with a more hopeful future. Meanwhile, on its sister show, The Flash, Barry needs to ask for help.
  • Murtaugh and Riggs try to solve a mansion murder, while the latter struggles with his inner demons on Fox’s Lethal Weapon.
  • If you’re still craving high end mental input, post-Picasso, head over to PBS and demand on some of its new series First Civilizations (which is pretty self-explanatory, but click on title for more info).
  • If you really feel like putting your mind on the ol’ hamster wheel we always love rec’ing the trippy Legion on FX, where “David is tested” is all the synopsis is letting us know, a brief sentence which could describe pretty well every episode which came before.

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