Monday’s Best: The Terror

Mondays on a whole are not being known for being particularly polarizing; from Garfield the Cat to the Boomtown Rats to Bojack Horseman‘s Andrew Garfield, few people are a fan of the opening day of the work week. However, Monday television, lately, has been peppered with programming that has inflamed viewers’ passions in vastly opposite directions–except for one show. AMC’s 19th Century horror story The Terror has earned consistently positive reviews from Day One, and today’s results aren’t even close.

Monday, April 23rd’s Best Reviewed: The Terror (8.5/10)


Sean T. Collins at AV Club was a fan of the original Dan Simmons historical fiction book The Terror, from which the AMC horror series is culled, yet he vigorously contends that this version exceeds its source. “To do character work this deft within a magisterially frightening set piece is impressive,” he crows, concluding “For all of it to come together in a sequence that symbolizes the entire story … and for none of it to blunt the blow of all that death and fear in the slightest? That’s a mark of great horror, and that’s exactly what The Terror is.”

Vulture‘s Karen Han enjoys this week’s episode’s exultation of its vast supporting cast, asserting “[t]he show is basically a garage full of luxury cars that we can only access for an hour every week, so it’s impossible to properly check in with each character in the span of a single episode … “A Mercy,” which finds the leads sidelined, cashes in all of those chips at once.

The Rest of the Night


UnReal – 7.1

The day had so many rough reviews that the third season finale of Lifetime’s once beloved, but now much maligned scripted show of reality dating’s behind-the-scenes, sneaked into a second place finish. However, even the most positive of last night’s reviewers, TV Fanatic‘s Rebecca Eisen, can’t escape the conclusion that “the third run is better than the second, but definitely not as good as the first.” AV Club‘s Gwen Ihnat is far less charitable: “At the end of this UnREAL season, we have to wonder what the point of all this was.”

Lucifer – 6.6

While last week’s episodic champion earned mostly solid reviews this week, one write-up artist was definitely not pleased with the use of this hour of her time. The usually unflappable Carissa Pavlica at TV Fanatic did not care for the outcome of the quirky thriller’s love triangle, to put it mildly, opining “[a] successful career woman raising a beautiful daughter who also happens to be incredibly attractive believing she has to settle for someone she doesn’t love in her 30s because he’s treating her to dinners and kind words is something I want to happen only in the worst fantasies.” Den of Geek‘s Dave Vitagliano clearly also has issues with the romance, but gave the episode 5 stars noting the episode “deftly blends the murder investigation of a prima ballerina with the competition for Chloe’s affection, a competition that’s gone completely off the rails due to Lucifer’s inability to overcome his own fear of rejection.”


Supergirl – 6.5

The usually reliable Supergirl has an off week as nothing seems to resolve, but not in a naturally chaotic manner–in a supremely unsatisfying way. As Caroline Siede at AV Club puts it in a “C” review, the episode uses “denial” as “a plot device that allows Supergirl to stretch 10 minutes of story into an entire 45-minute episode.”

iZombie – 6.5

Liv’s mind-meal, and hence her personality, does a 180-degree pivot from last week’s episode, as she moves from player brain to the cerebellum of a man who roleplays as a chivalrous knight. However, the reviews don’t budge much as after an opening four weeks of mostly rave reviews, the goofy-meta The Walking Dead suffers a second straight week on the schneid. As Kayti Burt of Den of Geek sums it up: “iZombie walks a tricky tonal balance. Sometimes, it walks the line between brain-of-the-week comedy and end-of-the-world depression improbably well. And, sometimes, we have to watch Liv use a Ren Faire accent for an entire episode.”


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