What to Watch: 04/23/2018

There’s not really much of a thread for header-writers to latch onto with today’s best choices, as we have everything from the season finale of TV’s best scripted melodrama to an in depth study of feminism within the bounds of hell on Earth to a well-written, if silly, comedy in outer space.

UnReal [Lifetime, 10p]
Ok, Rachel and Quinn are morally so far off-the-rails at this point that this show has become hard to watch, but it’s given us enough reasons to expect brilliance between now and the pair’s shared bottle(s) of wine to call coda on the season.

Final Space [TBS, 10:30p]
Will Gary, Mooncake, and Acacato fix the tear in the fabric of space? Their meeting at Titan may show them how, so that there may be a “Chapter 9.”

Jonestown: The Women Behind the Massacre [A&E, 8p]
A two-hour look at Jim Jones’s inner circle (which included his wife, Marcelline) and how they supported the nutjob that led the People’s Temple to a mass suicide in Guyana.



  • The eagerest beaver on late night returns with his 3rd(?) Carpool Karaoke special. This year’s James Corden leather-upholstered sing-a-long-fest (officially titled The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Prime Time Special 2018 — whew!) includes everything from Christina Aguilera and a tribute to Bruno Mars to newly-minted Academy Award-winning actress Allison Janney. It’s on his usual home of CBS.
  • Liv’s brain-eating/personality-adoption switches from last week’s lothario to this week’s polite knight (well, at least someone who RPG’d as one). Meanwhile, iZombie‘s Seattle continues to get used to its new semi-post-apocalyptic reality. On The CW.
  • Earlier in the night on CW, Supergirl gets to spend her time with J’onn playing whack-a-mole with Myr’nn’s psychic disturbances. Ooh, and they went all Proust-like with the episode title: “In Search of Lost Time.”
  • Things aren’t getting better for the boat crews of AMC’s The Terror as they are still lost, there’s still ghosts, and food’s starting to run out. But then it never was going to get better … life (or lack thereof) is all about the doomed journey.
  • So, after last week’s satire of the format, is Fox’s Lucifer sticking with the procedural as our “hero” tries to solve the case of a murdered ballerina?

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