What to Watch: 04/21/2018

Ok, so it’s Saturday, and we’ve got more than nothing, which is something, but nothing that we feel strongly enough to even give an official pick, but here’s some ideas:


  • Chumlee and his pals appraise comic books, currency, and a rare Bob Marley signed album tonight on what is being called an “enhanced episode” of Pawn Stars: Pumped Up on History Channel.
  • Allison Bell, who won a bunch of Australian awards for her role as Roo McVie in Laid, stars in The Letdown, a new comedy on Netflix about a harried new mama and her quirky support group.
  • A CIA spy is the kidnappee on this week’s edition of CBS’ Ransom. The episode title is “Secrets and Spies” and we can’t hate on a fun pun on a Brit indie.
  • It’s all about the “enhanced episodes” tonight as Ghost Adventures over on Travel Channel has one and we might not mention it, but it’s in a museum, and we gotta admit, that sounds kinda cool.
  • No new SNL this week or next, but we’re very excited about May 4th’s when they celebrate that silly Star Wars day with newly minted Lando Calrissian himself, Donald Glover.

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