What to Watch: 04/20/2018

It’s not the busiest of Fridays (and no remembrances of Don Mattingly’s birthday?) but there’s a few returning favorites and intriguing events, if you know where to look. We do! Here’s what we suggest:

Trevor Moore: A Story of Our Times [Comedy Central, 12a]
While he may be the least sincere man (sometimes) on television, and he’s responsible for the travesty known only as Miss March, as the leader of the unfortunately named yet deceptively smart The Whitest Kids U Know, Trevor Moore helped create some of the best sketch comedy of the past decade. His first CC special sounds fairly clever as he uses the construct of a bad date to build a host of musical skits around.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC, 9p]
Can Ruby be stopped before she destroys the world? The teenage killing machine must be stopped. And come on Marvel fans… you know you want to see if there are any hints, ever so subtle, about Infinity Wars.

MasterChef Junior [Fox, 8p]
It’s eggs night with two hours devoted to eggs benedict and souffles.



  • Ex-One Direction frontman Harry Styles’ special at the Beeb might be worth it just for that crazy suit. Harry Styles at the BBC airs tonight on BBC America.
  • The CW’s critical AND cult fave Jane the Virgin wraps up its fourth season tonight with Rogelio keeping a secret from Jane, and we know that won’t end well.
  • In the battle of odd assortments of celebrities mixed together and gabbing, BBC America’s The Graham Norton Show, which collects Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Martin Freeman, and Roger Daltrey on a couch edges HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, where the best “gets” are NY Times columnist Frank Bruni and Democratic Washington state Gov Jay Inslee.

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