Weekend Box Office: April 20, 2018

Movies! There’s a little bit streaming and plenty at the theater.

Super Troopers 2 is the long-awaited sequel to 2001’s Super Troopers. The same idiot cops from seventeen years ago are in an international border dispute with Canada.

Dolphins is a documentary from DisneyNature about oceanlife. Between the Coldyplay music in the trailer, and a narration from Owen Wilson, I feel like everything I love (ocean life, that baby whale!) is ruined by everything I hate.

Godard Mon Amour is a comedic biography from France about Jean-Luc Godard and his relationship with Anne Wiazemsky in the late-1960s. It is based on her memoir.

Ghost Stories is a British horror film, adapted from the play of the same name. A lonely skeptic is hired to investigate three hauntings.

Edge of Isolation is a drama about a couple stuck with a bunch of off-the-grid nutjobs after an accident.

I Feel Pretty stars Amy Schumer as a woman who gains an enormous amount of self-esteem after a traumatic accident at a SoulCycle class.

Traffik stars Paula Patton and Omar Epps as a couple whose romantic getaway is thwarted by a group of sex-trafficking (probably racist) bikers.

The Devil and Father Amorth is a documentary about The Exorcist and the famous priest who performs exorcisms.

Coming Thursday to Hulu is the second season of Handmaid’s Tale.

On Netflix… tomorrow sees the release of The Letdown, and the 24th is the release of Kevin James: Never Don’t Give Up.

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