What to Watch: 04/19/2018

Tonight we have mysteries: mysteries at museums, mysterious cities, mysteries of baby genders, mysteries of what happened to fetal pigs, mys…ok, you get the idea. Roll 212!

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
Rumors are circulating that next season will be a reboot. Not sure how true that is but tune in tonight to watch Gordon and Bullock attempt to solve a string of bank robberies. Also, Barbara is in danger so Tabitha has to recruit help.

A.P. Bio [NBC, 8:30p]
To say this show is on the bubble is to be generous to its second season chances, so gather ye your A.P. Bio while ye can. Tonight, for once, I’m with Jack on his impetuous choices as he cancels the fetal pig dissection in his class. Meanwhile, Principal Durbin is on the wrong side of his superintendent, and I’m ready to see this program ape Skinner-Chalmers when Patton Oswalt is the Skinner in question.

Mysteries at the Museum [Travel, 8p]
Tonight we learn about “seductive spy who used her assets to steal Nazi codes.” Pass the popcorn.



  • One of Superstore‘s charms has been its Parks & Rec-esque likable characters, and recently they have taken Glenn and others a bit past the tolerable weirdness zone. That tonight’s episode is titled “Gender Reveal” and next week’s “Aftermath” does not bode well, but we’ll see, NBC.
  • Netflix’s newest import, Charite, is from Germany and takes us to an 1888 Berlin hospital to see its residents lives and loves. Get The Knick … in German!
  • So, we can probably just tell you the title Ex on the Beach and that it’s on MTV and you can glean the basics. We’ll just add that the regulars are internet celebrities. Have fun!

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