What to Watch: 04/17/2018

A relatively new TV superhero leaves foes in his wake! Mind mazes stump other heroes! Familiar girls who were once new find power in lunch! Chefs play Doc Hopper for the chance to advance in competition! Ok, now we’re just getting hungry. Let’s eat! TV eat!

Legion [FX, 10p]
This show continues to be one of the most baffling, intriguing and beautiful shows on TV. This week, David and his cracked psyche enter the Maze.

Black Lightning [The CW, 9p]
Following last week’s showdown everyone is reeling in tonight’s finale.

New Girl [Fox, 9:30p]
Now that we have our sea legs from the three year time jump, we can get back to the usual paired up hijinks, this week led by CeCe and Jess plotting at a drunken lunch to get her more responsibilities at her job.

Chopped [Food, 10p]
Another night, another basket. This week promises frog’s legs and bizzare textures. I’m ready to see what happens.



  • What’s a dark secret among friends who have met up in the French Alps. Well, presumably the starting point for intrigue at The Chalet, a new serial thriller on Netflix. Early buzz is meh, but it’s worth a shot, no?
  • Alex’s home life impacts his startup as he can’t seem to fire his maid, Rosalba, and that’s just life at Alex, Inc. for you. It’s on ABC.
  • More ABC half-hour hilarity opportunities arise from dating misadventures from our newly divorced couple as Lena is starting to get serious, while Martin is stuck home with their ill son. I smell complications. We may sound sarcastic, but actually, Splitting Up Together has started out with some definite promise.


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