Monday’s Best: Lucifer

Satan beats out zombies, superheroes, ships lost at sea, and evil reality showrunners in our round-up of last night’s episode reviews, so let’s dive right in:

Monday, April 16th’s Best Reviewed: Lucifer (9.1/10)


With an episode that is much more crime-of-the-week than usual, our friendly neighborhood demon takes the April night, with one of the most consistently reviewed episodes I’ve ever seen (almost every review translated to nine out of ten). The AV Club‘s LaToya Ferguson calls “The Angel of San Bernardino” an episode that “fully embraces its DevilCop roots,” and throws in a gratuitous, yet somehow also quite necessary slam at a show that came before (and was referenced on a screen in the episode we’re talking about here): “The cold open in this episode could honestly be from an episode of Castle or an early episode of Bones—before those Bones cold opens became experiments in complete absurdity, that is.”

Tiffany C. Lockhart at TV Over Mind also loved the Bones-y shout-out and last night’s Lucifer in general, declaring “[t]hree weeks [off] was definitely worth the wait.” Den of Geek‘s Dave Vitagliano felt the multiple storylines were “a lot to take in, but the writers manage to keep everything on track.” He feels confident about the future of the show, adding “Lucifer stands ready to take us on a fiery ride.”

The Rest of the Night:


The Terror – 8.5

Another solidly reviewed episode of AMC’s ripped-from-the-19th-Century-headlines thriller, as The Terror earned perfect ratings from both AV Club–whose Sean T. Collins called it a “gripping, moving episode”–and Vulture–where Karen Han exclaimed it “worthy of the close reading and inspection received by Westworld and The Sopranos over the years.” John Saavedra of Den of Geek is the closest thing to a dissenter, observing that the episode is “a bit too slow. Things get going near the end with an entertaining action sequence that provides our best look yet at Tuunbaq, but that can’t quite make up for all the time the episode spends on Captain Francis’ alcoholism.”

Supergirl – 8.2

With an episode featuring 2018 Oscar nominee Laurie Metcalf and multiple scenes of karaoke (yet, oddly enough no Bon Jovi, despite the episode title “Schott to the Heart”), Supergirl earns another night of solid reviews. Delia Harrington at Den of Geek called it “a Winn-centric episode [that] reminds us just how great Supergirl can be.” The site also features cool interviews with star Jeremy Jordan about both Metcalf and karaoke.


UnReal – 6.6

Lifetime’s behind-the-reality-scenes drama has been one of the most frustrating shows since its spectacular first season. AV Club‘s Gwen Ihnat is somewhat fed up and attributes the drop-off to the exit of the show about showrunners’ actual one-time showrunner Marni Noxon, noting that UnReal is now “all skewer, no care.” It’s always been the danger of the show, but hopefully it can find its heart tin man style in next week’s two part finale.

iZombie – 6.2

Liv eats player brain and her romeo moves are not received particularly well as the usually favorably reviewed program falls below even a subpar episode of UnReal in our round-up. AV Club‘s Carrie Raisler is somewhat charitable, concluding that for the “first time in season four iZombie feels like it falls a bit flat.” She attributes the lack of connection to a combo of uninspired brain and the general complications around the Fillmore Graves arc.

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