What to Watch: 04/14/2018

We’re back to the normal slow-moving Saturday television line-up, but we do have a new SNL tonight, and it’s a promising one as ex-SNL writer and notable (but not to the level you’d necessarily expect for the show’s hosting duties) stand-up John Mulaney takes the lead. Tonight’s episode could be an all-time great, or crazy indulgent. We’ll see, won’t we. HBO also drops its second impressive feature in two weeks. Those, and some above average reality shows, lead our round-up.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
John Mulaney, who used to write for Weekend Update, hosts. Jack White performs, which, whatever; I’ve seen white men play the blues, and it’s all the same. More John!

Nate and Jeremiah By Design [TLC, 10p]
Looks like Nate and Jeremiah are going to join a renovation sixteen years in the making for the final push. I literally cannot imagine being in a house under construction for sixteen years. At what point do you give up and just move?



  • The latest Elvis doc comes from the fine folks at HBO Films and carries the endorsement of the Presley family and Graceland estate. Spanning the life of the King of Rock’n’Roll with both skinny and fat Elvis rep’d, the doc, Elvis Presley: The Searcher, contains never-before-seen images and a score by Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready.
  • Tonight‘s Forged in Fire challenge asks the contestants to create their new weapons from construction machinery. And that’s pretty much that for this particular roller-skating jam named Saturday.

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