What to Watch: 04/13/2018

Befitting an actor and comedian whose default exterior mood is that of laconic, sardonic resignation, Wyatt Cenac is, with low-key fanfare, starting to turn up in many places at once. His latest project, to go with a series of shorts on Topic where he’s a version of himself as a vigilante righting Brooklyn gentrification wrongs and his appealing TBS supernatural comedy People of Earth, is an HBO deep diving news series, and given the appearance of those two becoming-ubiquitous words “deep dive,” it’s no surprise that his Daily Show chum John Oliver is involved, exec producing. Also debuting tonight, an updated version of an Irwin Allen (somewhat) classic on Netflix and a black thriller told Memento-style on Cinemax.

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas [HBO, 11:30p]
Comedian Wyatt Cenac travels the US to investigate, explore, and make us laugh (a little) about the crisises plaguing America right now. Guns! Water! Natural Disasters! If you’ve been wringing your hands about it or muting your relatives on Facebook over it, Wyatt’s going to tackle it.

Rellik [Cinemax, 10p]
This backwards-told British murder anthology series is the latest from the makers of the underrated dark thriller The Missing. It’s leads Jodi Balfour and Richard Dormer are joined by the always imposing character actor Paterson Joseph, is one of two actors in one of my all-time favorite comedy sketches who have become acclaimed British dramatic mainstays (the other, Olivia Coleman, if you don’t care to click on this Mitchell and Webb clip).



  • Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space is not the most obvious candidate for reboot, with its reliance on Allen’s penchant for low budget monsters-of-the-week and its problematic flamboyant Dr. Smith with his robot’s catchphrase-turned-eternal-joke-fodder “danger Will Robinson.” However, this Netflix remake catches some of the original’s personality, but with a darker flair, and twists on both the doc and his companion which we don’t want to spoil. Think Battlestar Galactica reboot, then if you loved that show, maybe lower your expectations a notch.
  • Speaking of unlikely reboots, a Screen Scholar editors’ guilty pleasure, Hawaii Five-O carries on quietly on Friday nights, tonight going a bit quirky as McGarrett, Danno, and the gang search a fictional “abandoned” Hawaiian island for uranium to snatch it before the terrorists do.
  • Jason’s dad’s favorite show, Bosch starring Titus Welliver, returns for a fourth season, so that’s good reason for him to keep his Amazon Prime subscription active.

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