What to Watch: 04/11/2018

That Syfy show that so many have praised, but it seems like so few have watched enters its third season tonight. Brad tells you why you need to be watching, while the rest of us editors are in a documentary mood this Wednesday.

The Expanse [Syfy, 9p]
Syfy’s epic Sci-fi show returns for a third season as the war between earth and mars escalates. This season may be the one that breaks this show from cult classic to mainstream success.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic [The CW, 8p]
This short documentary already aired on BBC, but The CW is bringing us its U.S. premiere. This program goes behind the scenes at the British Library, giving die-hard fans little tidbits of more information to fuel their imagination. I’m pretty sure this is airing now because they want U.S. fans to get excited about the new Fantastic Beasts movie. Did you hear they are making FIVE of those? Dear lord.

G.I. Jews: Jewish Americans in WWII [PBS, 10p]
A look a the 550,000 Jewish-American soldiers who served during WWII, serving both their country and fellow Jewish brethren. (I hope they talk to Jewish American WACs, too.)

Conan Without Borders: Italy [TBS, 10p]
My birthday buddy (he turns 55 next Wednesday) has been killing it on his road trip “spin-off” of sorts, in which he uses his offbeat charm to ease out the best in the humanity he encounters along the way. This time he sojourns around the Italian countryside with beloved staffer Jordan Schlansky.



  • Meanwhile, on Krypton, Rao seeks someone to blame (a spacegoat? we’ll be here all eon) for the failed Rankless Initiative. How about Jeff Sessions? It’s on Syfy, right after The Expanse.
  • The title of tonight’s Criminal Minds is “All You Can Eat.” Over on the Homeland set, Mandy Patinkin cries a single tear.

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