What to Watch: 04/10/2018

New Girl goes the Parks & Rec route with its final season, time jumping three years ahead, a move which finds all three relationships still solid, but are they really? The seventh season premiere leads our rec round-up, with shout outs to the trippiest sci-fi show running now and a battle of blacksmiths.

New Girl [Fox, 9:30p]
New Girl’s final season begins tonight, and I hope it’s all bliss all the time, now that everyone’s paired up (#FergusonForever).

Legion [FX, 10p]
Just how crazy is David? What’s imagined? What’s real? We may not find those answers this week on Legion, but we do know David’s oldest enemy returns.

Forged in Fire [History, 9p]
If you love Chopped and also weapons, this is the show for you. It follows a similar structure to Chopped, in that there are rounds and one person eliminated per round. Instead of cooking, they are building weapons! And they have master bladesmiths test these weapons in all sorts of ways. This show leaves me on the edge of my seat everytime they test a knife for durability.



  • Elton John gets the joy of hearing Alessia Cara take a turn at one of his songs–consider those generations spanned. Many other superstars–including Mariah Carey and John Legend (ok, that one is pretty on-the-nose)–also pay tribute to the pop star’s half century of creation on Elton John: I’m Still Standing – A Grammy Salute on CBS.
  • ABC’s The Middle also nears its long run’s end, and it makes our feature here today mainly for its Meat Loaf-aping episode title, “Bat Out of Heck.” Tonight’s airing features peanut brittle and Jack McBrayer.
  • Using 30 Rock alum as a segue, let’s move to Tracy Morgan’s The Last O.G., the chronicles of a newly released prisoner dealing with the changes to both hipster-infused Brooklyn and his ex-girlfriend’s love life.

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