What to Watch: 04/09/2018

A crazy ex comes calling for Seattle zombies, heisting women are living large, and a bunch of superheroes throw a party in the wild, wild west. Meanwhile, Netflix outdoes Roseanne Barr in the normalizing autocrats vs. creating art argument.

iZombie [The CW, 9p]
What is this, a CW crossover episode?! Not exactly, but Rachel Bloom, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend herself, does appear on an iZombie where Liv chows down on actor brain.

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
The women begin to enjoy their new-found wealth but are soon reminded not to fuck with Rio. God, are all people in Michigan this dumb? (Of course not.)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow [The CW, 8p]
Vanquishing Mallus does not go as the team hopes and they end up in the old west where they (once again) team up with everyone’s favorite scarred old west hero – Jonah Hex.



  • On the surface, a new Netflix thriller set in the drug underworld of the Philippines sounds intriguing. Then you hear that director Brilliante Mendoza is pals with dictator Rodrigo Duterte who famously slaughters drug addicts and separating the truth from the art in AMO becomes, well, complicated.
  • Speaking of truth, it becomes clear for the crew of The Terror that it is not just man that they are facing out there on the ocean. On AMC.
  • Again with the truth, determining what it is and isn’t becomes even harder on the set of “Everlasting” as Rachel manipulates Serena into darker moves on Lifetime’s UnReal.
  • So, if you want to find the real truth, look to the cookie, as the remaining six bakers on Spring Baking Championship bring us berrylicious concoctions on the Food Network.

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