What to Watch: 04/08/2018

April (snow) showers bring awkward comedies (and many mad angry walkers) and a love thereof for we scholars of screens. There’s also a new version of Howard’s End to capitalize on the kids’ James Ivory cravings, Sandra Oh joins the world of British detectives (we’ll see if her accent rivals fellow Canadian Tatiana Maslany), a second new cop drama from the UK (quite the British night), Bill Hader’s lovable hit man, mo Simpsons, mo problems, good ol’ Ash fighting quirkier zombies than his AMC counterparts, and Carrie Mathieson, Donald Trump, and the most underrated time-travel’s return.

Silicon Valley [HBO, 10p]
After a long week of awkwardly asserting his authority (maybe?) and putting out fires at his finally expanding start-up, Richard relaxes and falls under the sway of a fellow entrepreneur’s COO. Oh, and that entrepreneur is played by Tina Belcher’s human form Dan Mintz. And a lot of Dinesh and Guilfoyle nonsense.

The Last Man on Earth [Fox, 9:30p]
The gang is either forging allegiances or butting heads, which, fine, whatever, but Carol is convinced that someone is living nearby. (And she’s right! We’ll see an arm at the end of the episode.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8:30p]
Looks like we’re in for a treat tonight with some of our favorite duos. I feel like we haven’t had any real Jake and Amy time since the proposal, so I’m excited to see them working a case together. Also looking forward to some primo Holt and Gina time. Their relationship continues to delight me in unexpected ways.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
As the season heads towards its end. we check in with Aaron as he continues to look for allies to confront the threat of the Saviors. If Rick is too distraught then someone has to take the reins…



  • Sandra Oh is a world-weary MI5’er who battles an assassin in the taut eight-part thriller Killing Eve on BBC America.
  • Unforgotten sounds like the BBC’s version of Cold Case, so you know it will be something completely different. It stars Nicola Walker of (her Last Tango in Halifax co-star Sarah Lancashire also debuted a new series this week) and its first series begins its airing tonight on PBS.
  • There’s a daft amount of bloody Brits on the telly tonight, so why not add a tidge of period piece with a take om the E.M. Forster classic Howard’s End from Kenneth Lonergan, the American (USA! USA!) director of tear-yanker Manchester By The Sea. The story is of course probably best known as an Oscar-nominated Merchant-Ivory film from 1992. Hayley Atwell stars and it’s on Starz.
  • Speaking of programs with movie ties on Starz, Ruby tries to turn father against daughter on tonight’s episode of the constantly more well-reviewed than expected Ash vs. Evil DeadBad demon!
  • After Silicon Valley, stay tuned (if you still are a tuner-inn’er) for a different kind of awkwardness, as also well-reviewed Barry finds its titular character torn away from the stage by kidnapped friends, closing-in detectives, and Chechen assassins. It’s a living, presumably.
  • NBC’s Timeless is yet another show whose reviews (at least in this gift second season) have exceeded expectations. It returns to the air tonight as the trio go way back to 17th Century Salem, Mass, a spot that never is all too friendly to fictional travelers of time.
  • Showtime’s Homeland has been hitting it with the provocative episode titles, and tonight it’s “Useful Idiot” so we can only imagine what that could dredge up (or click on the title for the trailer).
  • Oh, The Simpsons, in almost thirty years of weekly sitcommery, it’s inevitable that even a brilliant show will repeat itself, but the “Simpsons Did It” of it all is starting to eat its own tail in the last couple weeks (especially in the recent 25th or so musing about the origin of Homer & Marge’s marriage). Tonight, Marge takes OFF to a book store…ok, fellow nerds, has The Simpsons done that? Presuming we’re not counting…




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