What to Watch: 04/07/2018

Saturdays are generally the dumping day of TV. Actually, that’s even generous as Fridays were historically the spot where networks would sneak in shows they weren’t particularly excited about, while Saturday, other than the odd week when a celebrity would yell “live from New York” into the night, there rarely was anything new on Saturday night, so Screen Scholars barely ever even covers it. However, that is changing, and tonight we have a new high-profile HBO movie starring an Academy Award-winning legend, the return of a CBS crime drama, and a bunch of appealing reality shows. So, here we are.

Paterno [HBO, 8p]
Personally, the story of the abuse at Penn State, with its storied coach looking the other way, was so sordid, I’d just as soon not revisit it. However, with Al Pacino as the sullied Joe Paterno, this has definite possibility.

Saturday Night Live [NBC, 11:30p]
Wakanda forever! Just as Black Panther becomes the third biggest grossing movie in US history, T’challa himself, Chadwick Boseman hosts SNL. Cardi B is the musical guest hit on the release of her Invasion of Privacy album.

Nate & Jeremiah By Design [TLC, 10p]
Tonight is the start of season two, and for me, the star of this show is definitely Poppy, Nate and Jeremiah’s toddler. It’s a typical home reno show, with Nate and Jeremiah helping out a different person or family each episode. I really enjoy their modern, sleek aesthetic, but honestly, I watch the show for the small moments of domestic bliss when we get to see Nate and Jeremiah working at home on their designs and playing with Poppy. About as unscripted as TLC ever gets.



  • CBS’ Ransom is pretty much as its title implies: Luke Robers is Eric Beaumont, an ace negotiator who specializes in returning kidnapees to their homes and/or families. In the second season debut, the crime, inevitably for the genre, hits close to home as Beaumont’s own daughter is snatched.
  • Trading Spaces joins the brigade of classic life makeover shows returning after a long layaway. Paige Davis, Ty Pennington, and the rest of the original crew open the program’s ninth season by switching up the homes of a pair of neighbors. It’s on TLC.
  • Tonight’s Ghost Adventures finds its hosts wondering how they wound up in a mine shaft, yo! 

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