What to Watch: 04/05/2018

The Screen Scholars crew is rolling five deep today in testament to just how much great viewing there is on this random Thursday–all hail Peak TV! And even then, we leave out a staff favorite (well, a Jason favorite) for the also-rans below.

Imposters [Bravo, 10p]
So, how did I wind up recommending the second season debut of a scripted Bravo(?!) series I’ve never watched? How does anyone wind up anywhere, but this somewhat under-the-radar show has an insanely alluring premise of a dark comedy centered on the exploits of a female con artist and a 12-0 record of reviews collected on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m there, and hope y’all join me so we can chat about it.

Atlanta [FX, 10p]
Robbin’ Season continues with a special episode focused on everyone’s favorite conspiracy theorist, Darius. In “Teddy Perkins” it looks like art might be imitating other art as a scene reminiscent of Get Out unfolds. Hope he’ll have a better outcome this time! Tonight’s episode airs without commercials.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
Glenn lets Jerusha sell her hand-made (we assume religious, too) jewelry in the store, and butts heads with Jonah as a result. I can’t wait to see how tacky that shit’s gonna be.

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
Jerome zeroes in on his target as Gordon and bullock struggle to stay one step ahead. Will we get amy hints on the Joker??

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
After an action packed beginning to this season, the last few weeks have been dragging on. Our favorite surgeons are all deep in competition mode, working on new medical innovations. The only problem with this is that watching research happen is boring. Some of our favorites actually didn’t get picked for the competition and it looks like they are going to end up with the first new medical innovation. Funny how that works. Amelia and Alex are working together to create a laser that will fry inoperable brain tumors in attempt to save children. I really hope it works and they don’t end up just killing children, but knowing Grey’s, you never know.



  • Cries of “save our show” have been ringing out across the land for A.P. Bio. Ok, probably not, but they should be for Mike O’Brien’s deceptively warm and overtly hilarious comedy which is on-the-bubble for renewal at NBC (to put it generously). Jack’s default state is suffering others’ company and this week, it’s his late mom’s husband is visiting with plans to commemorate her birthday. Spoiler alert: Jack is not pleased.
  • Do you like stuffed animal musicals? Well, Life in Pieces has the A-story for you as Sophia is putting one on. At stake, her animals’ very existence.
  • Hide your, um, everything. Those semi-functional alcoholics and rabble rousers are reunited on the beaches of the Garden State for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, save for Sammi Sweetheart, who is…we’re just gonna say, bowling … why not?
  • Mermaids and mer-men of the world unite! Siren‘s third episode airs tonight on Freeform.

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