What to Watch: 04/04/2018

Our recommendations are led by British crime, diabolical illusionists, and suburban housewives who receive a windfall (and this time, hopefully, it’s not just Katie Otto writing her life as she wanted it to turn out, and I’m looking at you Ms. #1 Trump Fan).

National Treasure: Kiri [Hulu]
If moody British crime dramas are your jam, here’s your next binge (and at four episodes this series, it’s a relatively quick one, even by Brit standards). This one stars Sarah Lancashire as a social worker who is in the process of adopting out a nine-year-old black child to a white family when the girl suddenly disappears. If you’ve seen the excellent Happy Valley, you know just how powerful an actress Lancashire is.

The Magicians [Syfy, 9p]
So much has happened this season that I will definitely have to go back and watch the entire series over again on Netflix after this season 3 finale. I just don’t even understand how we got here. The season has been a roller coaster of death, magical quests, overthrown rulers, evil fairies, and breaking into song. This season finale is sure to be packed full of drama and cliff hangers. Will the group be able to secure all seven keys? Will magic return? Or, as scary alternate universe Quentin suggested, will opening the door to magic accidentally let in something much worse?

American Housewife [ABC, 9:30p]
The Ottos receive a very unexpected a windfall when a family friend dies.



  • If you are old enough, do you remember that crazy Cold War time when the Russians were playing spy games and it felt like the world could end at any moment? Thankfully, that changed, but if you want to relive that feeling, The Americans are in full ’80s swing on FX.
  • Over on the planet that will one day play home for Jor-el, Krypton, Seg and Adam Strange are on the run from military goons. It’s on Syfy.
  • Once again, we have an unsub who is menacing one of our BAU heroes on Criminal Minds. This time it’s Matt Simmons’ turn in the diabolical and cruel barrel on CBS.
  • Freeform’s drama about making it in Hollywood, Famous in Love, returns for a second season, and as star Bella Thorne has mildly spoiled, she has chosen the wrong member of the triangle to like for love.
  • On the hard and stark true crime reality tip, Detective Rod Demery returns to use his murder-torn real life to aid in his crime solving acumen in ID’s Murder Chose Me.

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