What to Watch: 04/03/2018

Tonight’s action is led by the return of Tracy Morgan–one that seemed unlikely a few years ago–as an ex-con released into his old Brooklyn hood only to find it changed immeasurably. In the wrong hands, this could be nightmarishly high-concept, but The Last O.G. is co-created by newly minted Oscar-winner Jordan Peele, and co-stars Tiffany Haddish, who should have also been in the Oscar mix for Girls Trip.  We’re so excited for this show, we’re doing something we don’t ordinarily do: three editors pick it, and in fact, it’s our Screen Scholars O.G.’s. We also have the second go-around for the super-polarizing return of Roseanne, which is unfortunately sucking up all the oxygen from the other show on its second episode featuring a recognizable TV actress. Meanwhile, we have the return of the tripppiest sci-fi show, superheroes, singers, and one quirky family about to ride off into the Indiana sunset.

The Last O.G. [TBS, 10:30p]
Tracy Morgan returns to television in the pilot for this new TBS comedy: A man must reconcile with how the world has changed after his release from prison after 15 years. (So like Rectify, but funny.) Tiffany Haddish also stars!

The Last O.G. [TBS, 10:30p]
Tracey Morgan’s long’awaited return to TV comes in the form of a new comedy exploring issues of gentrification and readjusting to society after being in prison. He plays Tray, a Brooklyn drug dealer who gets a locked up for 15 years. Upon his “early” release he comes home to his Brooklyn neighborhood to find out that nothing is the same, including his ex-girlfriend, Shay. In hopes of reconnecting with her and the two teenagers he finds out they had together he will go through lots of hi-jinx to prove he is a new man. I’m looking forward to the magic of having a trio like Morgan, Haddish and Peele together and even more so, the heart.

The Last O.G. [TBS, 10:30p]
Tracy Morgan was always underappreciated on 30 Rock–people would dismiss him as Tracy playing himself; however, from the moment he archly corrected Toofer’s grammar in an early episode, Tracy Jordan was always a more complex character than he seemed on the surface. While he’ll always have a certain manner, The Last O.G. looks to pull him out of his comfort zone, while surrounding him with an incredible cast including Tiffany Haddish and Cedric the Entertainer as he tries to figure out what to make of hipsters who overran Brooklyn while he was cloistered in the joint. Oh, and having Jordan Peele at the helm shouldn’t hurt.

Legion [FX, 10p]
Dave is back, and with him all the madness you might expect. Legion was a sensation in its first season and the second season promises to be just as envelope pushing. Plus it has Aubrey Plaza playing a pixie dream girl from hell.

Rise [NBC, 9p]
I was skeptical going into this show, and I am skeptical now. Still, I can’t seem to stop watching, so I guess they got something right. I have some nagging questions, like who would ever think Spring Awakening would be approved for a high school? And why is Ted Mosby playing Will Schuester in a new season of Friday Night Lights? All questions and ridicule aside, I straight up cried during their rendition of “The Song of Purple Summer” and I am not the only one (I’m looking at you, roommates). I am sincerely curious about how this show will sustain itself since it seems to have already used every major song in Spring Awakening, but I guess time will tell.



  • The first episode of ABC’s breaking-up-or-are-they comedy Splitting Up Together was charming enough to be promising, but we couldn’t help but expect Jenna Fischer to furtively-knowingly glance at the camera every time Oliver Hudson did something weird (and he did that a lot).
  • Roseanne also has its second episode on ABC.
  • Oooh, it’s the Heck Family after dark. Well, The Middle is moving to a later time and that time is 8:30, so it probably won’t get much more raunchy. Also on ABC.
  • Meanwhile, over on the CW, people are starting to get the sneaking suspicion that Jefferson Pierce may be Black Lightning. Maybe if he got some thick glasses?
  • Junior has a choice between Stanford and Howard on Black-ish and, of course, Dre has opinions.

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