Oh, at long last Screen Scholars March Madness 2018 comes to an end. We started with 64 programs, spanning across cable, network, and streaming television. Dramas, comedies, dramedies, reenacted history, recounted histories, women finding a new lease on life, single mothers trying to hold it together, late night hosts, satire, animation, and reboots competed for the title.

This weekend we found two beloved comedies heading to the finals. The Screen Scholars team loves Bob’s Burgers and The Good Place; we’ve been so busy talking our friends into watching these shows that we haven’t been able to file either into our column You Really Should Be Watching! (But, really, you should be watching Bob’s Burgers and The Good Place.)

It was tough for us, though. Who do we vote for in our own poll? When asked about the internal struggle, Jason felt like Chidi: “These are two of my all-time favorites, so I flipped a coin … and then second-guessed the coin.”

So, who won?



It’s The Good Place! Hot Diggity Dog.

And it seems right. A comedy about four strangers, meant to create hell for each other, working together to fight chaos and find harmony defeated the animated family in a Northeast beach community.


Oh, what a battle: the Belchers support each other no matter what. But so does Eleanor and the gang–they even accept the demon who planned to torture them through eternity as one of their own. At the end of the season, Elenor lied to protect them when she was the only one accepted into The Good Place. It was more selfless than when Bob became a Bronie. Unfortunately, none of the wine shoes in the world can hold a candle to the fortuitous Panthers victories in the NFL playoffs.

So, while hell is other people, for the staff at Screen Scholars, and the readers too, Michael, Janet, Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani are heaven.


Thanks for voting in March Madness! Every single vote was counted. We were watching.


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