What to Watch: 04/02/2018

It’s the end of the basketballs, as Villanova takes on Michigan for the NCAA Tournament championship. As that March Madness finishes up, so does our own March Madness reach its own with a battle of half-hour comedies between The Good Place and Bob’s Burgers. Also tonight, we’ve got the debut of a show featuring time-travelers from the future, and the continuing stories of a ripped-from-the-19th-Century-headlines ill-fated sea voyage and a fictional three-woman heist.

The Crossing [ABC, 10p]
From the makers of the better-than-it-had-any-right-to-be MTV show Scream, ABC’s newest thriller features a gaggle of war refugees who turn out to be time-travelers from roughly two centuries into the future–a sort of reverse The 4400. Of course, someone’s brought something back with them, and the terror and confusion begin. And Steve Zahn is the sheriff.

The Terror [AMC, 9p]
The crew of the H.M.S. Terror now know they are being stalked. Allegiances are out to the rest. Whose loyalties reside where? If the creature doesn’t get them, the cold and betrayal might.

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
The women outsources when they realize they’ve bit off more they can chew. This is a bad idea! Trust no one, and never piss off your neck-tattooed boss. Didn’t anyone watch Breaking Bad?



  • It’s more literal insanity and contestant manipulations on Lifetime (par for the course?), as UnReal‘s show-within-a-show hits the homestretch.
  • Semiyon is on the hotseat as Alex hurries to clear his name on McMafia, on AMC.
  • While it’s deliberately innuendo-y, it should only take a few seconds to unwrap what is actually going on with HGTV’s returning show Flipping Virgins. It’s Egypt Sherrod teaching novice house flippers the tricks of the trade.
  • Finally, thus endeth the basketball games, and the winner won’t be net-cutting virgins, with both Villanova and Michigan having won before. Interestingly, none of the Final Four would have been first-time winners, as even Cinderella Loyola-Chicago won the dance in 1963.

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