What to Watch: 04/01/2018

On this Easter’s Fools’ Day, we’ve got it all: Jesus, clowns, zombies, Benedict Cumberbatch, that thing where a regular-sized person is the final human on the planet, and no fewer than two shows centering around interrogations in enclosed spaces. There’s also a ton of shows which were featured in our March Madness, which is now down to its Final Two.

Jesus Christ Superstar – Live! [NBC, 8p]
I’m not particularly an Easter person, nor a fan of these sort of spectacle TV events, but there’s something about that soundtrack. And John Legend, Alice Cooper, and Sara Bareilles is some fascinating casting.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Morgan and Rick find themselves among strangers. Carol goes on a search in the woods. The all out war between the Saviors and Rick’s squad continues.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Bart goes to “prank rehab” (better than boot camp?) when his clown mask prank terrorizes the town and ruins Krusty’s career. Is this the last time Krusty lets the town hooligan ruin him? Why is Bart always screwing with his hero?



  • If you’re on a ledge, avoid PBS (if you can even get it out there on that ledge, which is dubious), but if the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch as a grieving children’s author appeals to you, there’s The Child in Time on PBS.
  • Animated Eric & Don Jr. practice Trumpism on Showtime’s Our Cartoon President. Sounds about right.
  • Later on Showtime, Carrie and Saul get the band back together to extract info from a prisoner in a Homeland episode with a title we love (“Lies, Amplifiers, F&*(ing Twitter”)
  • Richard ended the last episode under a desk, hiding from his fifty-plus new employees, and since he’s Richard Hendricks, it was obviously in plain sight. Being that it’s Silicon Valley, it can only go down from there, then up, then down again, then … well, the point is made and more so. Oh, and Dinesh and Guilfoyle bicker. Presumably. On HBO.
  • Also on “It’s Not TV” is the latest installment of Here and Now, as our Bayer-Boatwrights plot revenge and chase obsessions and other fancy progressive stuff.
  • Then there’s the second installment of Barry, Hader’s hit-man-turned-aspiring-actor comedy that earned raves for its debut, even if it didn’t win the night.
  • Peralta and Captain Holt team up on an interrogation on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and it’s always fun when those two mix it up. Did we mention the perp is Sterling K. Brown.
  • There’s a ridiculous amount of choices and our fingers are getting tired, but we’ll end with The Last Man on Earth which centers on Todd’s depression, and while this may sound ghoulish, we’re giddy, as Mel Rodriguez is an actor who can really pull that look off.

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