March Madness: FINALS!

Our March Madness has reached the finals, and as editors, we could not be more thrilled to have whittled down our 64 shows with Bob’s Burgers and The Good Place as our top two programs.

We promise we begged our friends and family to vote too so that the brackets would be as impartial as possible. We feel that maybe this is evidence that our taste is as outstanding as we promised on day one. Of course, now that our favorite shows are head-to-head, we have no idea how we should vote or root for.


The Good Place debuted last year on NBC and soon stole our heart. Four lovable people (and one demon) find themselves working together to get into The Good Place, the elite afterlife for people who were truly good. The alternative is an eternity of torture. In our political climate, these weekly 30-minute installments are light, funny, warm, and hopeful, even though everyone is dead. The show is a subtle indictment of the hateful climate that has taken over America but never feels unapproachable.


(If that piqued your interest, and you need to binge, Season One is on Netflix.)

Bob’s Burgers may be animated but features television’s most loving, supportive family. We can’t think of a family more united in its support of each other (we’ve tried). Sorry, Friday Night LightsParenthood, and Little House on the Prairie, but the Belchers are TV’s best family unit. Bob and Linda cheer for their children no matter how odd the interest of Tina, Gene, and Louise may be (furries? butts? Queen Latifah?) That’s almost enough for us, but we love that after seven seasons the show hasn’t lost its thread of weird, unexpected adventures near the Wonder Wharf or punny Burgers of the Day.

(If you need to binge all of Bob’s Burgers, it’s on Hulu.)




Click through and vote for your favorite show now! We’ll announce the winner on April 3.

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