What to Watch: 03/30/2018

As it has become with Fridays, most of the action is on the streaming side–and the overwhelming majority of that at that mom & pop organization that just turned 20, Netflix. Let’s just dive in with a bunch of males of all ages looking in one general direction.

The Dangerous Book For Boys [Amazon Prime]
Do you feel like getting your cockles warmed as you wind down for the week? Do you? This. Has. Everything. It has a single mother family, her rambunctious but loving children, a father who had the foresight to leave and intricate and thoughtful memento for the aforementioned children. Next: an angry chihuahua allergic to Mexican food.

A Series of Unfortunate Events [Netfli]
If you’re turned off by over-the-top silliness (think Fear & Lounging in Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl’s Narnia), you should probably avoid this quirky magical tale of three young heirs chased by a Snidely Whiplash-level villain played by Neil Patrick Harris, but if you have a tolerance for all things goofy, the first season of this fantastical comedy based on a series of popular books was an absolute delight. Daniel Handler (aka author Lemony Snicket) played a hand in the scripts for this second season, so that’s another plus.

Rapture [Netflix]
Executive-Produced by Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins [Ego Trip], Rapture takes a look at the current state of hip-hop. The 8-part docuseries covers a different artist in each episode ranging from people like Nas, Rapsody, Logic to A Boogie with Hoodie to hear their stories on what defines them as an artist. You might gain a fresh perspective on the new generation of rappers and their global impact after watching this series.

MasterChef Junior [Fox, 8p]
The pint-size home cooks make sweets without sugar before convincing the judges to keep them in the game with a heritage-inspired entree. I’d make cornflake chicken, so everyone’s a winner to me.



  • While we stand by our objections to Roseanne (but don’t deny our interest) as a show that is not exactly the returning show the world needs right now, what classic TV program’s comeback IS needed. Might we nominate Canada’s Trailer Park Boys, whose 12th season debuts on Netflix today?
  • Will Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.Dthwart General Hale’s plan and prevent the end of the universe. Well, not to be spoilers, but it would be interesting to see what the show would be if Agent Coulson and his team fails.

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