What to Watch: 03/29/2018

We’re in TV nerd heaven tonight between mermaids and Batman villains and AP students and Scooby-Doo crossovers, and that’s not even to mention Marcia Clark’s triumphant long road back to deserved respect with her new show where she examines famous legal cases (um, other famous cases) and controversial police investigations (ones NOT involving Mark Fuhrmans).

Siren [Freeform, 8p]
If you’re looking for Ariel you have come to the wrong place. There is nothing sparkly or cute about the mermaids on this show–they are straight up mer-derers. The premise of Siren is that a small coastal town surrounded by mermaid legend discovers their lore is closer to fact than it is to fiction. The mermaids (and mermen) are dangerous predators. This seems like a show for anyone who has every wished they could just sit on a rock and sing men to their death. Mermaids? Teen drama? Small town charm? This show totally has my number so bring on its two hour premiere.

Supernatural [The CW, 8p]
Sam, Dean, and Castiel Do Their Thing in the Scooby-Doo universe. Yes! They go to an animated universe! This is how you keep a show fresh after 13 seasons. (I say that genuinely.)

A.P. Bio [NBC, 8:30p]
Just saw this on a list of shows speeding towards cancellation, and that’s a shame. More people need to be watching this surprisingly charming, piercingly-written show with one of the better supporting casts on television (Lyric Lewis, Mary Sohn). Tonight, Glenn Howerton’s slumming Jack tries to induce a party vibe in his button-down students, which is a perfect entry point as one of the strongest elements of this minor-key gem is how its built genuine interactions between the initially callous Jack and his resistant, yet eager charges.

Gotham [Fox, 8p]
The inmates try to take over (and run?) the asylum. Arkham Asylum that is. And it’s up to Gordon and Bullock to prevent it from happening on what’s sure to be a tense episode.



  • Former prosecutor Marcia Clark debuts her new A&E investigative reporting anthology, Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48 Hours with a look into Casey Anthony with a definite angle towards the “should have been convicted” side of the coin.
  • Our Screen Scholars Elite 8 includes one of the longest running shows on television, Grey’s Anatomy, so that’s a segue to inspire you to vote today! Tonight’s episode on ABC concerns April’s faith-based crisis.
  • Does adding Mark-Paul Gossalear to a series still draw anyone? Find out tonight on the return of TVLand’s Nobodies. To be fair, it’s a well-received series featuring talented improv-sters brought to you by the husband-wife team of Ben Falcone and a young turk named Melissa McCarthy.
  • FX’s Atlanta has a new episode. You should know this and already plan to be there for one of the best shows on television that keeps getting darker and better.
  • On NBC’s softly brilliant Superstore, former district manager quit two episodes back to pursue his relationship with employee Mateo, so now there’s a replacement for Glenn to spar with, and she wants to pare down Cloud 9’s roster. Interesting times for the heavenly box store.

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