Monday’s Best: The Terror

The highly anticipated true gothic horror of the new AMC series The Terror hit its mark in a big way as the two-part debut wins its opening night. Truly, every show airing last night received mostly positive reviews, save for a Screen Scholars fave that laid its first egg (at least in the eyes of online reviewers).

Monday, March 26th’s Best Reviewed: The Terror (8.8/10)


In 1845, two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, set off on an ill-fated adventure in search of the elusive Northwest Passage, a sea route through the Arctic Ocean from Atlantic to Pacific. In 2007, horror writer Dan Simmons latched upon the supernatural aspects (and, well, terror) in their real-life disappearance on the lonely sea to create a work of fiction, The Terror. The AMC series debuted last night to raves; as Ben Travers of IndieWire puts it, The Terror “beautifully captures every form of fear in one bone-chilling tale.” Sean T. Collins of AV Club observes that “what The Terror gets right, and so many other works of period miserabalism—including executive producer Ridley Scott’s own Taboo, starring a soot-encrusted Tom Hardy—get wrong, is that you have to feel bad that the characters are so miserable in the first place.”

The Rest of the Night:


Lucifer – 8.6

A trip to hell, and a return from the beach were highlights of an (almost) universally loved Lucifer. Dave Vitagliano of Den of Geek marks it a “heart wrenching” episode and puts aside his reservations about the Mazikeen story, loving how the “always emotional demon bares her soul revealing the sad truth about her desire to return to Hell.” The only dissenting voice is TV Fanatic‘s Carissa Pavlica who accused Charlotte and Maze of “desperately trying to breathe life into an otherwise dull hour of Lucifer.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 8.3

The team splits up into three to get stuff done in A-, B-, and C-plots, in the ever steady DC stable show. Den of Geek‘s Jim Dandy puts it simply and best in its subheadline: “Legends of Tomorrow has progressed pretty totally into its own thing, and that’s great.”

UnReal – 8.1

While Jeremy has ZERO right to say one damn thing about Rachel (and needs to get her name out of his mouth and be thankful he still has a livelihood), but he’s not wrong that there is a “Rachel vortex,” however the person it’s most in danger of sucking in whole is Rachel herself. The psychiatric net originally laid by her own mom continues to tighten as she spars with a hyper-on-her-game, custom suited Quinn in a rebound episode well-received all around. Gwen Inhat of AV Club sums up the state of the “Everlasting” game neatly: “The women are ruling at this part of the season in UnREAL, and it makes for a fun ride, even as storm clouds (Rachel’s dad in a truck, Alexi about to blow, Gary undoubtedly out for revenge) begin to assemble.”


iZombie – 8.0

Seattle’s out-and-proud zombie nation is starting to get into real situations … and hockey. AV Club‘s Carrie Raisler theorizes the off-beat CW show “might be packaged like a zany comedy, but episodes like this one prove that it is also sneakily one of the darkest shows on television.” Kaytl Burt of Den of Geek is less a fan of the darkside, giving it 3 of 5 stars, but offers up the brilliantly sighed aside: “Major Lilywhite, you beautiful fool.” Poor Major! Poor, poor Major!

The Alienist – 7.5

The TNT adaptation of Caleb Carr’s novel The Alienist came to a close last night, and reviewers were mixed on the topic. At the positive end of the pool, TV Fanatic‘s Dale McGarrigle opens with “Everyone ended up in a better place in this likely series finale. Maybe even the killer,” and hopes for an (as of yet unplanned) second season. On the other hand, Genevieve Valentine of AV Club found the conclusion “not particularly satisfying, but … also not a surprise.” She also is the second person at the site this week to use a variation on the phrase “true treasure/heaven is the friends we make along the way” and I have to credit that to the writers on The Good Place.”


Good Girls – 6.2

We here at Screen Scholars love this show, so we’ll just leave this one blank and watch for what happens next week.

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