March Madness: Elite Eight!!!

You voted and voted and we’re now down to eight shows, and if we do say so (and we do), it’s a pretty fun mix. We re-seeded the remaining programs into our Elite 8, and despite the relative randomness of it all, there’s still a logic within every matchup (read below the bracket. Thanks for all your support and click the bracket below (or here) to vote in the next round at Bracket Ninja:


Battle of the Funny Restaurateur Families

It’s Florida vs. New Jersey. It’s the rigid and regulated Huang family battling the fast-and-loose Belchers. It’s Fresh Off the Boat‘s Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse up against Bob’s Burgers‘, well, Bob’s Burgers. More simply, it’s two of the funniest half hours of television in a fourth-round showdown for entry into the Final Four.

Battle of the Dystopian Political Landscapes

Do you prefer the true-life critique of one of America’s premier satirists and political commentators, Samantha Bee, as she takes on the chaos that our real life has spiraled into–well, even more so in the age of Trump? Or would you rather take refuge in a thankfully fictional universe of intrigue and entropy, as seen in the seventh season of Homeland?

Battle of the Powerful Women (Who Also Enjoy A Drink or Twelve)

Ok, while it certainly applies to Jessica Jones, the parenthetical is a bit unfair to Mrs. Maisel, but the latter’s one bender does fuel the central plot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The latest from the makers of eternal cult classic (and Screen Scholar favorite) Gilmore Girls goes up against one of Marvel’s most bedeviled, yet spectacular superhero creations, Jessica Jones.

Battle of the Traditional vs. the Whimsical

Ok, this one’s a bit of a (huge) stretch, but The Good Place taking on Grey’s Anatomy provides quite the contrast as one of the most reliable, beloved long-running medical dramas in television meets one of the most original, unparalleled new comedies on the small screen. Grey’s Anatomy builds long, developing storylines over multiple seasons (and it’s had 14 of ’em), while The Good Place has earned notoriety for its willingness to burn through arcs and dispose of plot points at the drop of a hat. This may be our 1-8 match-up, yet we wouldn’t lay odds.

If you didn’t click on the bracket above, you can click here to vote at Brackets Ninja.

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