What to Watch: 03/25/2018

A depressed hit man, incompetent parenting, a police precinct in crisis, a tech firm grasping at straws to survive sudden success: now that’s comedy. On a not-so-lazy Sunday, our editors are recommending all comedy over the return of some dedicated medically inclined Brits and those folks squabbling amidst zombies (ahem, walkers) … but, they’re OK too.

Barry [HBO, 10:30p]
A hitman takes an acting class and decides he wants to change careers. Of course it won’t be easy; this after all, is HBO. But it also stars, SNL alum Bill Hader so it will surely be funny too.

Silicon Valley [HBO, 10p]
Watching Richard freak out is fun and all, but I for one will never tire of seeing Dinesh and Gilfoyle lobbying catty insults back and forth. More of this! Jian-Yang looks to be picking up the slack for Erlich being written off, so maybe they’ll move beyond him being the asian guy who’s funny because he’s asian.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Marge and Homer explain when they went from lovin’ parenthood to hating their lives. We expect flashbacks and awesome hair.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Fox, 8:30p]
We are halfway through Season 5 and it has really only gotten better. Last week we had some prime Kevin and Jake bonding time. This week Doug Judy is back! Almost all of my favorite episodes include Doug Judy so I have high hopes for this one.



  • Those mid-20th Century accoucheuses (learn a new word every day) are back on PBS with two episodes as Call the Midwife returns for Season 7.
  • President Orange Slice throws a rager when the government shuts down on that completely made-up and ridiculous Showtime show Our Cartoon President.
  • Later in the evening on Showtime, Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis return as rivals Chuck and Axe as the third season of Billions begins.
  • Unexpected visitors arrive on The Walking Dead tonight on AMC. We’re just so glad they haven’t run out of ideas.
  • NBC’s Timeless has been making the most of its surprise second season, with two solidly reviewed episodes so far, and this one sounds fun as our trio of heroes chase a stolen print of Citizen Kane.
  • Finally, the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament is set tonight as two teams will join Cinderella Loyola-Chicago and Michigan, and that’s our cue to remind you to stumble in and vote in our own March Madness as we are still determining our Elite Eight.


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