Sweet 16: Dark Places vs. Workplace Comedies





Our winners in this section could easily fit both categories, as both go to some very Dark Places and each Comedy has at its center some sort of job–even if the office is Heaven, Hell, or Hollywoo. The Good Place rumbles through the battle of Parks & Rec writers room tree shows, dispatching the similarly heartfelt, but more terrestrial Brooklyn Nine-Nine, while the trainwreck chronicles of a fifty-something west coast has-been horse barely edged the teetering off the rails life of a twenty-something east coast wannabe human, as Bojack Horseman took out Atlanta in overtime. I don’t envy you your vote, but thank you for your support. As always, a couple featurettes await you, followed by your chance to cast your ballot.


If you choose to vote, go to Brackets Ninja!

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