What to Watch: 03/23/2018

Tonight, we learn the story behind the subject of one of the first Great Rap Beefs, celebrate the return of some suburban cannibal zombies, and reach the 78th chapter of one virginal Jane.

Roxanne Roxanne [Netflix]
At 14 she put females and battle rap on the map but never received the proper royalties or respect–until now. Finally, Queens pioneer Roxanne Shante will have her story told.

Santa Clarita Diet [Netflix]
If you too feel like we haven’t explored zombies from all angles as a society then look no further than this returning Netflix show. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant wouldn’t be out of place in the Modern Family universe, provided Claire was infected by a zombie virus but still wants to live her life: Modern Family with a Dexter kill room.

Jane the Virgin [The CW, 9p]
Xo asks Jane for advice (always a good call) and everyone is frustrated they weren’t chosen.



  • Netflix brings Requiem over the ocean. It’s a thriller starring Lydia Wilson as Matilda Grey, a Welsh cellist whose world is tossed asunder after her mom’s suicide.
  • It’s almost all about one streaming service tonight, as online content’s 8000-lb gorilla also debuts the teenage stories of Alexa & Katie, told in multi-camera sitcom form.
  • Bill Bellamy has never really gone away, and tonight he hosts a Shaq-size gathering of standups on Showtime with Shaquille O’Neal Presents: All-Star Comedy Jam: I’m Still Laughing. Shaq can have as many colons as he wants in a title.
  • British talk show host Graham Norton goes meta on us tonight, as he picks apart his own The Graham Norton Show with Ricky Gervais and other famous couch-sitters, as they discuss what it means to be a good guest on his program.
  • Finally, we’re mid-NCAA Tournament (and go Loyola-Chicago Ramblers), and those games will be on CBS and TBS, and if you want to join a tourney where you have some control of the outcome, well, then, we have the place for you. Come on over and vote before the end of today in Round 2 of Screen Scholars March Madness, (or S2M2 if you’re cool like us).

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