March Madness Round Two: Crime-solving Savants vs. Medical Dramas

Welcome to our health-focused bracket, wherein the Medical shows faceoff against the Crime-solving Savants in an effort to make the world both healthier and safer! Your best friend at work and your mom probably have some strong feelings ahead.

Round One Victors



The CBS reboot came out ahead against the gang of geniuses on Scorpion. Can the heartthrob hotwire a win against…

The Alienist


Hard to say. The Alienist is staffed by idols too, one of which is Dakota Fanning! The Alienist is nearing its finale and doing well with critics and voters.

One of these two will face Medical, where we have a behemoth and a debut.

Grey’s Anatomy


The long-running drama beat Chicago Med so thoroughly we almost feel bad for the Chicago franchise drama. The Shondaland show is so beloved we’re almost embarrassed to ask if it can beat…

The Resident


The drama is so new we wonder if the proximity of the show’s star to Logan Huntzberger (Rory’s worst boyfriend!) aided the win. Or perhaps the Freddie Highmore drama The Good Doctor is simply not beloved by our voters.

Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

And if you haven’t yet voted in our first revealed set of second-round match-ups, circle back and click here.

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