What to Watch: 03/20/2018

Tru TV turned away from being a hardcore misery channel so gradually, we hardly noticed, but it truly (ugh) has gone from the network of repo men and bail bondsmen knocking down doors to a network of optimism and camaraderie–and two of its more positive shows return tonight. Ok, one does cater in an air of snarky cynicism, but its intentions are further understanding instead of reveling in human ignorance. There’s also a host of beloved familiar comedies, new superheros, and one of the most intrepid dating shows.

The Chris Gethard Show [Tru TV, 10p]
Chris Gethard’s show is an extension of his personality: neurotic, unpredictable, upbeat, positive, unbowed, unshrinking. The little show that challenges his own and his audience’s emotional tolerance just keeps on building, from a local cable access show to a … mid-major cable show on … Tru TV, but one with a 26-episode buy-in on the season. And he had enough pull to get an Academy Award-nominated actor to sit in an NYC dumpster for two-and-a-half hours while Jason Mantzoukas and Paul Scheer tried to guess his name. Anyone who’s read here knows how I feel about this show, but here’s some more words about it.

Love at First Flight [Lifetime, 10p]
So it’s come to this: Lifetime execs pair three couples and set them on a global journey, assuming the strangers will fall in love and get married! To people they don’t know!! Of course, not only can I hardly travel with anyone, I fall asleep as soon as I get on a plane, so yeah, I think this is a disaster.

The Standups [Netflix]
Netflix brings back its stand-up speical series with episodes featuring Joe List, rising star Aparna Nancherla, Rachel Feinstein, Kyle Kinane, Brent Morin and Gina Yashere. Bingeworthy unless you tend to pass out from laughing.



  • Freeform’s Shadowhunters comes from the universe of The Mortal Instruments book series, and while reception has been somewhat tepid, it returns tonight for a third season.
  • Call it Very Sober History, Adam Conover’s iconoclastic Tru TV series, Adam Ruins Everything, continues to attack our universally accepted notions, but this mini-season focuses on history.

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