March Madness Round Two: Decades Ago Vs. Reboots

We’re back to visiting another time this evening, visiting our brackets with (mostly comedies) taking place or originally set in a vintage era. As is the case with our other brackets, we have some surprising upsets.

First Round Winners

Another Period


Everything Sucks was defeated. The kids of the ’90s were unable to defeat the Kardashians of the last century. Frankly, we find this ensemble who’s who satire a shocking win, and maybe we’re not alone in our devotion afterall. Whether or not the rich sisters of the northeast can continue a streak is uncertain because The Comedy Central satire now faces ABC’s semi-autobiographical family comedy…

Fresh Off the Boat


We wouldn’t be surprised if the Huangs took this thing to the very end. Since the real Eddie Huang loves basketball (well, the NBA at least), we’d love a little kismet on our end. Meanwhile, in Reboots

The X-Files


…took on Twin Peaks: The Return in a shocking victory. We guess no one fixed their hearts because Scully investigated her way to a big win. (Is that what the sleepy Washington town needed all along?) The bracket’s only drama takes faces four now as it takes on…

Will & Grace

Will & Grace - Season 1

The foursome rightly defeated Fuller House in a win that would surely irritate Candace Cameron Bure. Can four win against two? It’s up to you!


Voting begins now, so head this way to Brackets Ninja to cast your ballot!

And if you haven’t yet voted in our first revealed set of second-round match-ups, circle back and click below:

Dark Places vs. Workplace Comedy

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