What to Watch: 03/19/2018

For tonight’s selections, the Screen Scholars editors focus on, literally, the 11th hour, as we recommend a variety of shows from a dark character study on a reality show set to an animated meta-world in the outer-est of outer space to a drama about three women forced by circumstance into a life of crime. And about that last one, click here to read Katherine’s deeper dive into why you should be watching.

UnReal [Lifetime, 10p]
Rachel has to come clean to someone and grapples with frenemy-mentor Quinn as her past lies start to come back to haunt her. In other words, it’s just another day on the Everlasting set on UnReal–the melodramatic show oddly more real than any reality show.

Good Girls [NBC, 10p]
Beth has to tell her sister, who is def. losing custody, and Ruby, who has so much on the line, that she asked Rio if she could keep working for him because she’s bored, unsatisfied, and half-crazy.

Final Space [TBS, 10:30p]
Gary and Quinn are finally reunited–which is great, but Gary also gets radiation poisoning–which is … less great.



  • Arthur Miller’s life has been examined from many perspectives. What makes tonight’s HBO original documentary, Arthur Miller: Writer, unique is it is directed by a truly insider source–the playwright’s daughter Rebecca.
  • In the second half of “Brainless in Seattle,” our iZombie detectives Liv and Clive realize their suspect is actually a serial killer. As usual, it’s on the CW.
  • The intrigue moves to Mumbai on AMC’s underrated McMafia (a future feature of our “You Should Be Watching!” series). C’mon guys, this has David Strathairn.
  • If, like the fictional Dakota Fanning’s Reggie, you prefer a lighter fare, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returns tonight on VH1.

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