Sunday’s Best: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Well, looky here: The Walking Dead, the whipping boy of online TV reviewers everywhere had a pretty good night, and all it took was for Negan and Rick to engage in the longest screen fight since Keith David refused to put on Rowdy Roddy Piper’s glasses in 8-8.

However, it was a different zombie-happy show which earned the title of last night’s best reviewed show. The quirky cult favorite TV show, based on the quirky cult movie series, Ash vs. Evil Dead took our crown with a jam-packed, yet talky episode which earned positive reviews from every site to talk about it.

Sunday, March 18th’s Best Reviewed: Ash vs. Evil Dead (8.3/10)


Ash’s dad returns and everybody pretty much loves it. While Den of Geek‘s Stephen Harper’s called last night’s episode of Ash “one big exposition orgy” and “the chattiest episode in the canon,” he also gave it five stars out of five, so take that how you will. Steve Ford at TV Fanatic called it a “solid installment” and added “having the real Brock back and listening to his banter with Ash were without a doubt the highlights of the episode.” AV Club‘s Michael Roffman was slightly less sanguine, but still liked it, asserting that it “accomplishes exactly what its title (“Unfinished Business”) suggests, sawing through the nasty weeds so that we can focus on the greener grass ahead.

The Rest of the Night


Homeland – 8.0

The Saul and Carrie stories both hit their stride in an episode Vulture‘s Brian Tallerico called “the best episode in years.” David Crow of Den of Geek was a bit less rave-y, but still called its central conceit a “shocking but intriguing pivot.”

The Walking Dead – 7.9

We’ll never hear Rick call out “Caaaarlll” again, and surprisingly sad as that is, it does lead to one of the most hatewatched shows’ best reviewed episodes in a long time. IGN‘s Matt Fowler called the episode, centered around a barbed-wire-blessed showdown between Negan and Rick, calls the fight and the episode “pretty damn fun. Mostly because, well, we’ve seen Rick get the crap knocked out of him countless times but it’s a rare thing to watch Negan get tested physically.”

Timeless – 7.3

After a strong Season Two debut, one that was never going to happen at one point, NBC’s Timeless slips slightly–but just because it’s the worst reviewed of the night for all qualifying shows does not mean the reviews were bad. TV Fanatic‘s Dale McGarrigle particularly enjoyed how the episode featured an “energizing guest character in Wendell Scott, the first black stock-car racer. Scott was both realistic and still determined about his place in the good-ol’-boy world of stock-car racing.”



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